Corporate Sponsorship

Local and national companies play a huge role in supporting NWAC and ensuring that those who recreate in the mountains in winter are able to do so safely. We partner with companies in many ways and work hard to help those who help us. For companies in the outdoor industry, we feel strongly that there is no better way to reach the thousands of people who recreate in the Northwest mountains in the winter. When you partner with us, we help promote your brand and ensure that our users know you are advocating for their safety. For companies outside the outdoor industry, affiliating with NWAC tells the Northwest population that you care about safe winter recreation in one of the most beautiful winter environments anywhere!

Following are several ways that local and national companies partner with NWAC:

  • Website advertising – The NWAC website receives close to 3.5 million page views from over 450,000 unique visitors every year. Companies that advertise on our website reach an audience of snow-lovers who recreate in the mountains in the winter. Detailed information about our 2016-17 website advertising program can be found here.
  • Event sponsorship – NWAC hosts several events each fall/winter and is involved with many more hosted by other companies and organizations.  Support for NWAC events can be as simple as donating product for raffles and auctions or as involved as having a demo tent and leading a clinic at Vertfest. Please contact us about getting involved with NWAC’s events.
  • Program sponsorship:
    • Professional Observer Program – Our professional field observers are an integral part of our forecasting program and have gained a lot of visibility in the past year by posting photos and videos from the field via Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.  We are looking for companies to help support this program!  In return, your logo or tags will be featured on media that is reaching thousands of users through our various social media channels.
    • Education Program – NWAC offers roughly 180 avalanche awareness classes each fall/winter and also hosts the popular Going Deep Workshop Series for advanced backcountry users. Companies who sponsor these programs get their product in front of thousands of attentive students, many of whom are just starting to venture into the backcountry. 
  • Corporate giving – Does your company have a donation or grant program? We’d love to know about it if you do. 
  • Matching gifts – Many companies will match donations made by employees to qualifying non-profits. If your company has a matching gift program, we hope you will include NWAC in any literature you provide.
  • Workplace giving – Does your company participate in a workplace giving program? We have a lot of members who have their donations deducted from their paychecks. Please help us by including NWAC in any program literature. If you have a donation fair or any other type of event, we are happy to come and spread the word about NWAC!

Take a look at our sponsorship info for more details.