NWAC Photo Archive

Snow Profiles for the 2008 / 2009 Season
Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center
These snowpits were prepared either by NWAC staff, program cooperators or other contributors in the area indicated. Warning: Use care and common sense when applying snowpit and stability test information, and consult other sources whenever possible. For example: consult the NWAC, ski area or highway department avalanche personnel during the winter or early spring, and talk with Forest Service or Park Service rangers during the later spring and summer. These observations provide an historical framework and general guideline to trends in snow pack stability. You are responsible for using and applying any information. Choice not Chance causes most avalanche accidents. Each snowpit shown is a snapshot of the snowpack structure at a certain time and a certain place. It is a fact that the snow pack is highly variable, very dynamic, and snow structure and related stability can and do change within a few feet and often within a few hours, sometimes dramatically. By emailing snowpits to the NWAC, we assume that we have your permission to post them unless indicated otherwise. Please e-mail snowpits to
Date Location and Contributor
Apr 04 2009 Stevens Pass, N-central WA Cascades, Gemini, east of Pinball_4-4-09 by Jon Andrews
Apr 03 2009 Paraidse-Rainier, Cristine Falls_4-3-09 by Stefan Lofgren
Mar 31 2009 Paradise-Mt Rainier, Christine Falls_3-31-09 by Tom Payne
Mar 21 2009 Stevens Pass WA, pasgt Gemini_3-21-09 by Patty Morrison
Mar 11 2009 Crystal Mt N BC, below Threeway Peak, S-Central WA Cascades_3-11-09 by Tino Villanueva
Mar 06 2009 Paradise, Barns Flats Chute_3-6-09 by Stefan Lofgren
Feb 26 2009 Mt Hood Meadows OR, Wild Things_2-26-09 by Nicholi Stoyanoff
Feb 22 2009 Mt Hood Meadows OR by Nicholi Stoyanoff
Feb 16 2009 Stevens Pass WA, Solitude_2-16-09 by Patty Morrison
Feb 11 2009 Captain Point_5 miles west of Stevens Pass, WA_2-11-09 by Tino Villanueva
Feb 09 2009 Stevens Pass WA, East Highlands Bowl_2-9-09 by Patty Morrison
Feb 07 2009 Stevens Pass WA, Cowboy Ridge_2-7-09 by Patty Morrison
Feb 01 2009 Stevens Pass WA, South Divide_2-1-09 by Patty Morrison
Feb 01 2009 Paradise, Edith Creek_2-1-09 by Stefan Lofgren
Jan 30 2009 Alpental BC near Pineapple Pass just below ridge_1-30-09 by Aaron Opp
Jan 29 2009 Crystal Mt BC, Bullion Basin_1-29-09 by Tino Villanueva
Jan 09 2009 Paradise, Canyon Rim_1-9-09 by Stefan Lofgren
Jan 04 2009 Paradise, Pan Point_1-4-09 by Stefan Lofgren
Jan 04 2009 Stevens Pass WA, Aquarius Face_1-4-09 by Patty Morrison
Jan 03 2009 Paradise, Barns Flats_1-3-09 by Stefan Lofgren
Dec 28 2008 Mt Rainier-Paradise, Barns Flats_12-28-08 by Stefan Lofgren
Dec 28 2008 Crystal Mt, West Face_12-28-08 by Chris Morin
Dec 28 2008 Crystal Mt, Lower Chance_12-28-08 by Chris Morin
Dec 28 2008 Crystal Mountain WA_12-28-08 by Chris Morin
Dec 27 2008 Paradise, Canyon Rim Roost_12-27-08 by Stefan Lofgren
Dec 25 2008 Paradise, Canyon Rim Roost_12-25-08 by Stefan Lofgren
Dec 24 2008 Crystal Mt, Pickhandle Basin_12-24-08 by Chris Morin
Dec 23 2008 Snoqualmie Pass, WA by Scott Williams
Dec 22 2008 Mt Rainier-Paradise Valley east, 12-22-08 by Stefan Lofgren
Dec 21 2008 Mt Rainier-Paradise_Canyon Rim Roost_12-21-2008 by Stefan Lofgren
Dec 20 2008 Mt Rainer-Paradise_12-20-2008 by Stefan Lofgren
Dec 14 2008 Mt Baker back country_12_14_08 by David Walker
Dec 14 2008 Crystal Mountain WA--12-14-2008 by Chris Morin
Dec 13 2008 Snoq Pass WA_Winter has arrived, ready for the seasons first snow profile_12-13-08 by Craig Wilbour