NWAC Photo Archive

Avalanche Photos for the 2012 / 2013 Season
Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center
These photos were taken either by NWAC staff or by contributors in the area indicated. All images are copyrighted and should not be used without permission of the photographers. If you wish to contribute relevant avalanche related photos, we will try to post them within a day or two of submission (earlier if possible). In order to expedite the posting process, please prepare your photos as jpeg files around 100K as a compressed file size and about 450 pixels on their longest dimension. Also, if possible please caption the photo using the "metadata" of the file or send related info in the email. By emailing photos to the NWAC, we assume that we have your permission to post them unless indicated otherwise. Please e-mail photos to
Date Location and Photographer
Dec 08 2012 Crystal Mt_ Niagras_5500 ft_E aspect by Chris Morin
Dec 05 2012 Wind slab in White River Canyon, Mt Hood OR--ENE, ~7200 ft by Tighe Stoyanoff
Dec 05 2012 Silver Bowl Crown, NE aspect 6800 feet, very blown in by Tighe Stoyanoff
Dec 05 2012 Silver Bowl Debris in Heather Creek 6200 feet by Tighe Stoyanoff
Dec 04 2012 Cayuse Cliffs between Cayuse and Chinook Pass, SSE aspect ~4800 ft by J Stimberis
Nov 27 2012 Surface Hoar, Stevens Pass - Skyline Ridge__4500-5000 ft by Dallas Glass
Nov 22 2012 Wyeast, Mt Hood OR--wind slab release just below ridgeline, NE aspect ~7000 ft by Tighe Stoyanoff