NWAC Photo Archive

Avalanche Photos for the 2005 / 2006 Season
Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center
These photos were taken either by NWAC staff or by contributors in the area indicated. All images are copyrighted and should not be used without permission of the photographers. If you wish to contribute relevant avalanche related photos, we will try to post them within a day or two of submission (earlier if possible). In order to expedite the posting process, please prepare your photos as jpeg files around 100K as a compressed file size and about 450 pixels on their longest dimension. Also, if possible please caption the photo using the "metadata" of the file or send related info in the email. By emailing photos to the NWAC, we assume that we have your permission to post them unless indicated otherwise. Please e-mail photos to
Date Location and Photographer
May 16 2006 Mt Redoubt, N WA Cascades--large climax avalanche (complex path) by John Scurlock
May 16 2006 Mt Redoubt, N WA Cascades--overview of large warming related climax by John Scurlock
Apr 21 2006 Large spring avalanches on Shuksan Arm near Mt Baker by Lief Hazelet