Niko Suokko Memorial Fund


A memorial fund to save young lives in the backcountry 

Niko Suokko was an 18-year old who loved snow, backcountry and adventure. He was an avid skier and snowmobiler with an extreme passion for life!

Niko lost his life in a tragic avalanche accident on February 25th, 2018 in the backcountry of the Alpental Valley near Snoqualmie Pass. He had training (AIARE Level 1), knowledge and proper gear but unfortunately other factors played a significant role that led to this unimaginable accident.

NIKO18.LIFE is a mission fueled by Niko’s legacy and the need to keep our youth safe in the backcountry. Our first project to build avalanche awareness and education specifically designed for youth.

In the last few decades the backcountry has become more accessible to everyone, making it possible even for the youth to venture out on their own. As exciting and inspiring the nature can be, it can be equally dangerous without proper knowledge, preparation and mindset. To arm the youth with all these three essentials, there is a need for a youth focused avalanche educational model, as most currently available courses are aimed towards adults.

With your donation to this special fund, we ask you to join this life-saving cause as we will invest in new targeted programs creating more awareness and training specifically designed for the youth audience. These funds will be carefully invested within NWAC with direction from Niko’s family and will also be available to other non-profit organizations who will take concrete action in collaboration with us.

We have created an initial curriculum and decision-making tool which will be evaluated through a pilot program in collaboration with The Mountaineers Adventure Club (MAC) during the 2019-2020 winter season. We plan to scale out nationwide the following year.

We thank you for your support – in remembering Niko and keeping our youth safe in the backcountry!