Mobile Apps

Several mobile applications have been developed for viewing the NWAC forecasts and data, and entering observations to be displayed on our site.

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NWAC Mobile App

The NWAC mobile app developed by us here at NWAC!

The NWAC mobile app allows you to view the avalanche forecast on your phone or tablet, set your favorite zones, set alerts, and submit observations from the field. It is available on both Android and iOS.

Android: Link - here iOS: Link - here

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Avalanche Forecasts

A free mobile phone app, for iOS and Android, developed by Seth Pollack.

You can view the conditions map, then tap a region to see the detailed avalanche forecast. It caches data you've seen for when you go offline in the mountains.

Link - More info & to get the application.

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Avalanche Lab

An iPhone app developed by Jesse Crocker which allows users to easily enter snow and avalanche data in the field, and then electronically share that data. Avalanche Lab produces professional quality snow pit diagrams in the standard format, and in a compact format for display on mobile devices, and saves diagrams as an image or PDF file as well as other export formats.

Link - For more info and to get the app.

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Ullr Lab's Mobile Avalanche Safety Guide™ (MAST™)

Ullr's app is a digital snow and avalanche field notebook, for iOS and Android. It combines established principles of snow science with the camera, GPS, inclinometer, compass and data communication features in your device to create a simple and easy way to:

  • Download the most recent avy forecast from NWAC.
  • Record field observations during your tour.
  • Create Snowpit profiles and enter stability test results.
  • Transmit your info to NWAC.

Link - More info & to get the app.


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NW Snow Buddy

App developed for iPhone and iPad by David Burdick, costs $2.99 from the iTunes store.

  • View graphs of previous weather activity. Hourly snowfall, temperature and wind data are combined with the corresponding avalanche forecast for the entire year
  • See state-wide snowfall predictions for the next 3 days
  • NOAA Weather Forecasts for all of the local ski areas
  • NWAC Avalanche Forecasts organized by region
  • Covers all of Washington and Northern Oregon

Find out more and get the app.

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A free app for both iPhone and Windows, a reference for current snow, weather and traffic conditions for the Cascade ski areas of Washington.

iPhone Windows