National organizations

Several national organizations exist to help disseminate avalanche related information. These sites exist as clearinghouses or focal points for the interested user to explore or learn more about avalanches, including most recent avalanche information by region, links to these sites, etc. These sites include:

  • (originally developed as the Westwide Avalanche Network or WWAN, this site acts as a national portal to regional avalanche centers and houses the Moonstone Avalanche Library)

  • American Avalanche Association (the home of dedicated professionals engaged in the study, forecasting, control and mitigation of snow avalanches)

  • The mission for the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) is to "save lives through avalanche education". It's web site has abundant information and articles on a variety of topics ranging from particular snow stability tests to mountain weather. 

  • Electron Microscopy of Snow Crystals (stunning three dimensional electron microscope images of snow crystals, including the very detailed Mogono-Lee Classification of snow crystals--provided by the USDA's Beltsville Agricultural Research Center)

  • National Avalanche Center (Home of the Forest Service's National Website for Avalanche Awareness, this site includes a host of interactive avalanche tutorials, research papers and other educational tools as well as an excellent glossary on avalanches)

  • National Snow and Ice Data Center's Avalanche Awareness Site(includes commonly asked questions about avalanches and an account of an avalanche survivor)

  • Non-Avalanche Related Snow Immersion Fatalities Website (2006) (The web site dedicated to increasing awareness of the NARSID problem)

  • Snow Crystals (growth, pictures, free snow crystal wallpaper and lots of discussions and explanations for that special substance that makes winter)