Northwest Avalanche Accident Summaries

Following an avalanche fatality or a serious avalanche incident, NWAC will post a short summary below. Our goal is to post a full report within 3 weeks of the incident. NWAC will investigate non-fatal incidents as time and staff resources allow. Read more about NWAC’s incident reporting policy . Visit to view the national avalanche accident database. 

2019 / 2020   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description  Report
2/17/20 Mt. Herman, Mt. Baker area, WA One skier in a party of three triggered and was caught and carried by a slab avalanche that released on a SE aspect around 5500' in an area of Mt. Herman known as East Gully above Bagley Lakes. The skier was carried up to 100' downhill before hitting and being pinned against a tree. He was able to free his left arm and immediately cleared his airway. His partners helped extract him. The skier suffered minor injuries but was fortunate enough to recover all of his gear and ski down unassisted.  Photo by reporting party - 2/17/20  
2/16/20 Skyline Ridge, Stevens Pass, WA Three skiers on Skyline Ridge above Skyline Lake triggered a large avalanche. They reported a large collapse just before the avalanche released above them. All three party members were caught and two were fully buried. The two fully buried skiers were able to clear their airways. The third member was buried up to his shoulders with one arm free, and was able to self rescue. No serious injuries were reported. The slab avalanche was 2-3 ft deep and occurred on a southeast aspect at approximately 5,400 ft.  Photo by reporting party - 2/16/20  
2/8/20 Mt. Baker, WA A skier was fully buried in an avalanche that occurred adjacent to the Mt. Baker Ski Area. The avalanche was triggered by a traveler from a different party. Mt. Baker Ski Patrol was on the scene immediately, located the victim quickly, dug them out, and cleared their airway. The individual survived and reported no injuries. The slab avalanche was 1 ft deep and at its widest point broke 500 feet across the slope.  Photo courtesy Mt. Baker Ski Patrol - 2/8/2020 N/A
1/23/20 Hwy 97, near Blewett Pass, Chelan Co, WA During the afternoon of January 23, 2020 one person was buried and killed by an avalanche that released from the roof of a home located north of Blewett Pass near Hwy 97. The elevation was approximately 1,700ft above sea level. She was found underneath 4 to 5 ft of debris. She was discovered and excavated some time after the accident and CPR was performed. Additional emergency response arrived within 15 minutes but they were unable to revive her. Hwy 97 Roof Fatality 01-23-20
1/11/20               Elkhorn Mountains, Baker Co., OR                   A 33 year old snowmobile rider suffered fatal injuries as a result of an avalanche in the Elkhorn Mountains. The man was part of a group of 4 riders when the accident occurred in the Rock Creek drainage. None of the other riders were injured. The Wallowa Avalanche Center in conjunction with the USFS National Avalanche Center will gather information and produce a final report.                                                                                                                                         



2018 / 2019   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Report
4/14/19 Aasgard Pass above Colchuck Lake, Stuart Range, WA

One skier in a party of four triggered and was caught in an avalanche while descending from Aasgard Pass during a clockwise traverse of the Enchantments. The wind slab avalanche had a crown estimated at 3”-6” deep and approximately 50’ wide. It started at approximately 6,940 ft on a northwest aspect at 11 am. The skier was carried over a rock bulge down to 6,300 ft and ended up on top of the debris. The skier injured her knees in the slide and was carried down to Colchuck Lake by the group. They used an InReach to message for help. The skier was flown out via Chelan County Sheriff's Office helicopter at 4 pm.

Chelan County Sheriff's Office report
4/13/19 Goat Mt. - West, Swamp Creek drainage, North Cascades, WA  One skier in a party of three triggered and was caught in two separate avalanches near the summit of Goat Mt – West after ascending via the summer trail. Poor visibility on the summit ridge led to the skier accidently stepping off a 20 ft cornice. His fall triggered a 1' deep avalanche that carried him 200 ft before he self-arrested. He tried to regain the summit ridge by climbing to a low point in the cornice-line. As he traversed off the bed surface he triggered a second avalanche that carried him into the main SW facing gully and an est. ~1200 vertical ft. Both avalanches had wind slab characteristics and the second and larger avalanche was est. 3’+ deep and 50’ wide. Remarkably, he was able to stay on top of the 2nd avalanche and came to a rest uninjured. The involved skier was in cell phone contact with his partners and Whatcom Co. Sheriff/SAR. He lost his skis and poles but walked out Swamp Creek to Twin Lakes Rd/Hwy 542 where his partners were waiting.    N/A
2/16/19 Cowboy Mountain, Stevens Pass, WA Two snowboarders left the Stevens Pass Ski Area by dropping south off of Cowboy Ridge.  Partway downslope they realized they had inadvertently left the ski area. While bootpacking back to the ridge, they triggered a large avalanche (SS-AFu-R3-D2) - 5,400 ft, SE aspect, 40 deg slope. The avalanche broke 150 ft wide with an average  crown depth of 27” and caught and carried the pair 400 vertical ft. The avalanche released on a weak layer of facets over a crust. Both snowboarders were partially buried; one up to his head, the other to his waist but they were able to self-rescue without injuries. One snowboard was lost. They hiked up the avalanche bed surface to re-enter the ski area.  N/A (all photos provided by Stevens Pass Patrol)
1/19/19 Cutthroat Drainage, Washington Pass area, North Cascades, WA

Two skiers in a guided group of five were caught in an avalanche while approaching First Bowl. The natural avalanche failed within new snow (SS-N-R3-D2) as spaced out members of the group traveresed an avalanche path at 5800 ft. Skier one and two were caught and carried by the avalanche. Skier one became wrapped around a tree and was partially buried (critical). He sustained back and rib injuries. Skier two was partially buried (not-critical: head was exposed) and sustained minor bruising. During the rescue, skier one's airway was cleared and the group helped extricate him. Skier two was unable to locate his skis.

Cutthroat_Incident 01-19-19
12/31/18 Delancey Ridge, Hwy 20 east of Washington Pass, WA The first skier in a group of three triggered and was caught and carried 100 vertical ft by a slab avalanche. The skier arrested on top of the debris, was uninjured but did have to locate some lost equipment. The avalanche crown was estimated to be 18-20" deep, releasing on a south aspect at 6150 ft. The avalanche in total ran about 200 vertical ft and was 150 ft wide. The toe of the debris was estimated to have stopped about 100 ft from another party also touring in the area.  N/A
12/30/18 Portly Bowl, Washington Pass area, WA The first skier in a group of five triggered a large slab avalanche while traversing across the slope with climbing skins. He was caught and briefly carried downslope before becoming entangled in a larch tree. He was partially buried near the snow surface and able to self-extricate quickly. He was not injured but had to locate some equipment lost during the avalanche. The avalanche (SS-ASu-R2-D2-I) released around 6500' on an E aspect, breaking widely across terrain features and running about 400 vertical ft. The avalanche failed on a layer of recently buried surface hoar, releasing 75 ft above the skier and triggered from relatively lower angled terrain.   Portly_Basin_Incident 12-30-18
12/18/18 Crystal Mt. Ski Area, WA

A very large avalanche was triggered by a single small explosive at Crystal Mountain Ski Resort. The avalanche failed on a buried persistent weak layer, took out several adjacent avalanche paths, and ran full track to the valley floor. A ski patroller was caught and carried, deploying his airbag during the avalanche. He survived with minor injuries despite the huge size of the avalanche. The avalanche (SS-AE-R4-D4-O) occurred on a N aspect at 6600'. 

12/17/18 Bullion Basin, Crystal Mt. backcountry, WA A splitboarder, the first rider in a group of three, triggered and was caught in a 2' deep slab avalanche that carried him several hundred vertical feet. He was partially buried (not-critical) up to his thighs. Another party in the area helped dig him out and was uninjured. The avalanche released above 6000 ft on a NW aspect of Bullion Peak. A personal narrative with photos can be found at: N/A



2017 / 2018   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Report
3/10/18 Park Butte, SW of Mt. Baker, WA A single snowmobiler triggered and was caught, carried and killed in a large slab avalanche on Park Butte in the Mt. Baker National Recreation Area. The avalanche (HS-AMu-R3-D3-O) was triggered just below the summit on a NE aspect near 5400'. The victim was carried 1000' through a gully and sparse trees. The avalanche was 200 ft (60 m) wide and averaged 4' deep (1.2m). It failed on a 2 cm thick layer of facets above a firm rain crust. Park Butte Fatality 3-10-18
3/4/18 Point 7054 near Setting Sun Mt, north of the Methow Valley, WA  One splitboarder traveling in a party of 4 was killed in a slab avalanche that released off a sub-peak of Setting Sun Mountain near Mazama, WA. The slide released on a WNW aspect at 6900 ft and ran 800 vertical feet. The avalanche (HS-ARu-R4-D2.5-O) had an average crown depth of 28” (70 cm) and was approximately 230ft (70m) wide, breaking trees that were up to 6” in diameter. The avalanche failed on facets over a thin crust and stepped down to deeper layers.  Point 7054 near Setting Sun Fatality 3-4-18
3/3/18 1/2 mile south of Longs Pass, North Fork Teanaway, WA Four snowmobilers were involved in an avalanche accident just south of Longs Pass near Esmerelda Peak. All four were caught and carried with two riders killed in the avalanche. The slab avalanche failed on facets (2/13) found just above a crust. The large avalanche (HS-AMu-R2.5-D2-O) was approximately 450-500 feet wide, 2.5-3 feet deep (~1 m) and traveled 1500 vertical feet. It occurred on a W-SW slope at about 6100 ft.  Near Longs Pass Fatalities 3-3-18
2/25/18 Source Lake-Snow Lake Divide, Alpental Valley, Snoqualmie Pass area, WA  Two teenagers were killed by a slab avalanche that released on a south aspect at 4250 ft in the Alpental Valley. The avalanche initiated just below ridgecrest at the final steep switchbacks of the summer trail to Snow Lake Divide, NE of Source Lake. The avalanche was estimated at 350 ft wide and ran 500 vertical ft into mature timber with crown depths up to 36" (85 cm). The failure interface was a layer of small facets above a thin melt-freeze crust that was buried by storm snow on 2/23 (SS-U-R3-D2.5-I).  Snow Lake Divide Fatalities 2-25-18
2/25/18 Cottonwood Lake, Snoqualmie Pass area, WA One snowmobiler was caught, carried and killed by a slab avalanche that released above Cottonwood Lake. The area is accessed by groomed trails from the Crystal Springs Sno-Park located east of Snoqualmie Pass. The avalanche released on a SSE aspect at 4680 ft, had an average depth of 16" (40 cm) with a maxiumum depth of 28" (70 cm), was 450 ft wide and ran 580 vertical feet (SS-AVu-R3-D2-I). The avalanche failed on the interface between old snow (buried 2/23) and new snow. Avalanche debris was up to 6 ft (2m) deep. The other 4 members in the party of 5 suffered minor injuries and were partially buried by the avalanche with one partial critical burial.   Cottonwood Lake Fatality 2-25-18
2/18/18 Alpental, Snoqualmie Pass area, WA  A snowboarder triggered a slab avalanche adjacent to the Alpental Ski Area (SS-AR-R3-D2-I) on a NE aspect. He was caught, carried and partially buried at the surface with his board and lower legs buried. The avalanche extended from the normal path and ran into the resort in an area known as Powder Bowl. The avalanche hit a ski patroller and his avalanche dog conducting training. The dog was caught and carried, though neither the patroller nor dog were injured or buried. The snowboarder was rescued by Alpental Ski Patrol and transported to a medical facility. He was quickly released from care but sustained injuries needing additional treatment. N/A
1/24/18 God's Wall, Mt. Hood Meadows, OR A professional ski patroller was caught, carried, and partially buried in a slab avalanche he triggered while on duty in a closed area of the Mt. Hood Meadows ski area (SS-AS-R2-D2-I). The avalanche ran approximately 600 ft on the old/new snow interface. The bed surface was the firm 1/18 crust. Resources were dispatched immediately and the victim extricated after some difficulty due to low snow and open creeks. He was transported via ambulance to advanced care and was later discharged to recover from his injuries.  




2016 / 2017   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report
4/11/17 Red Mt., Commonweatlh Basin, Snoqualmie Pass area, WA The body of a male skier was recovered in Commonwealth Basin on the SW side of Red Mountain by local SAR during the evening of April 11th. The skier was traveling solo with his skis on his pack when he was caught by an avalanche. He was recovered on a treed slope and died of blunt force trauma.    NWAC Red Mountain Fatality 4-11-17
3/10/17 Hurricane Ridge area, Olympic NP, WA

A snowboarder in a party of two triggered a cornice failure onto a NE facing slope. He had been descending a southeast-trending ridgeline adjacent to the Hurricane Ridge Road at 5300 ft when the cornice failed (6-7 ft deep/15 ft wide). The cornice fall triggered a slab avalanche that ran down the NE slope for about 150-200 ft. The rider initially impacted the exposed steeply-sloping rock and dirt on the edge of the ridgeline before sliding down onto the slope below, moving with, but staying on top of the avalanche for half its path length before coming to a rest. He self-evacuated with only minor impact-related injuries.

NWAC Olympic Cornice Failure 3-10-17
3/5/17 East of Stevens Pass, Central Cascades, WA

A skier in a party of 3 triggered a 3-4 foot slab on an east-facing slope around 5600 feet near ridgeline, approximately 2 miles east of Stevens Pass at 3PM. The skiers cut under a roll feature and the third skier triggered a slide which caught him from above. The skier was partially buried (critical). His airways were cleared in 3 minutes and 30 seconds during companion rescue. There were no injuries.

Reporting party Not available
3/4/17 Mt. Herman, Mt. Baker area, WA Widespread 1-2 ft storm slabs and larger 3-5 ft wind slabs were reported in the backcountry near Mt Baker on Saturday, March 4th. An incident occurred on Mt Herman when a large wind slab on an east aspect was triggered from a party above, partially burying two and completely burying one in a separate party at the base of the slide path. The impacted party was transitioning back to climbing skins when they were caught in the avalanche.  Mt. Baker Ski Patrol Not available
3/4/17 Avalanche Mountain, Snoqualmie Pass area, WA

A skier in a party of 3 triggered a slab avalanche near the summit of Avalanche Mountain (Snow Lake area) on a 38-40 degree west-facing aspect near 5200 ft. The first skier made a few turns and got to a safe place. The second skier triggered the slab and was carried approximately 300 vertical feet down slope until he hit a tree, breaking his femur. The crown was 40 cm (16 in) and the width of the slide was 20 meters (65 ft).

NWAC, reporting party and SAR Avalanche Mountain Incident 3-4-17
3/4/17 Cedar Creek Drainage, Washington Pass area, North Cascades, WA

A guided group was heli-skiing when the victim triggered a large soft slab in the Cedar Creek Drainage toward the end of the day. The slope broke above the guide, who skied the slope first, sweeping him downward. The clients searched and rescued the victim who was fully buried (critical) and sustained a head injury. The avalanche was 100 meters wide with a crown depth of 60-80 cm and ran approx. 200 vertical meters. 

North Cascades Heli (NCH) Cedar Creek Amy's NCH Incident Report
3/4/17 Hawkins Mt., Central Cascades, WA

Two snowmobilers were caught and carried in an avalanche in a SE-facing bowl on Hawkins Mountain after one snowmobiler in the party high-marked near the top of the bowl and triggered the slide. A separate party of two resting in the run-out below were able to escape on foot but their sleds were caught and buried. Regarding the two snowmobilers caught, one was partially buried (critical) with only his hand sticking out (enabling rescue) and the other was a complete burial and died. Additional snowmobile parties arrived on scene to aid in the recovery effort. The victim was located and extricated after 40 minutes. 

NWAC Hawkins Mountain Fatality 3-4-17
2/28/17 Washington Pass area, North Cascades, WA A party of four skiing at Washington Pass near the highway hairpin were hit by an avalanche triggered by a natural cornice release onto a NE aspect near Early Winters Spires. Four skiers were caught and carried up to 1000 ft downslope. There was one partial burial (non-critical) and some minor injuries suffered. The cornice release occurred above a cliff band at the top of a northeast facing bowl at about 7500 ft. Reporting party Not available
2/25/17 Fly Couloir, Lane Peak, Mt. Rainier NP, WA A large loose dry avalanche (estimated) released naturally in the Fly Couloir in the Tatoosh Range across from Paradise in MRNP and caught 5 out of 6 people ascending lower down in the path. There were 4 skiers in the first group with two climbers behind them. 4 people were partially buried (not-critical) and 1 person was completely buried. All were able to quickly self-rescue. There were some minor injuries.  Reporting party and NWAC Lane Peak Incident 2-25-17
2/20/17 Table Mt, Mt. Baker area, WA The lead skier in a party of four triggered a D1.5 storm slab descending the north aspect of Table Mt. at 5000'. Skier was caught and carried a few hundred feet down slope and sustained minor injuries. The other members of the party were able to assist skier off slope and back to ski area boundary.  NWAC and Mt. Baker Ski Patrol  Not available
2/9/17 Lake Wenatchee, WA A natural avalanche releasing off the south side of Dirty Face Mountain hit a home on the north shore of L. Wenatchee, damaging a garage door. A local news article and supporting area weather and snowpack data is included in the report.   The Wentachee World and NWAC  Lake Wenatchee House Incident 2-9-17
2/5/17 Bullion Basin, Crystal Mt area, WA Skier triggered and was caught in a storm slab avalanche below Ted's Buttress. The skier was partially buried (non-critical) and suffered minor injures. The other two skiers in the party were able to dig out the victim after about 10 minutes.  NWAC and reporting party Bullion Basin Incident 2-5-17
1/4/17 Pickhandle Basin, Crystal Mt area, WA A solo skier (NWAC Professional Observer) triggered a hard wind slab avalanche approaching the SW ridge of Crown Point in the near treeline elevation band, nearly directly in-line with the summit of Crown Point on the west face at 6000 ft. The skier was caught and carried 240 vertical ft but was not buried. He suffered some minor injuies from hitting trees.  NWAC Pickhandle Basin Incident 1-4-17
1/4/17 Silver Basin, Crystal Mt area, WA Solo skier likely triggered and was killed by a hard wind slab avalanche outside the ski area on 1/4/17. The skier was discovered by Crystal Mt. ski patrol the morning of 1/5/17. Crystal Mt. ski patrol and NWAC visited the incident site on 1/6/17 as part of the investigation.  Preliminary Incident Report by Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol and NWAC  Crystal Mt. Silver Basin Fatality 1-4-17
12/27/16 White Pass area, South Cascades, WA                        Solo skier triggered and killed in soft slab avalanche about 1 mile west of the White Pass ski area.  Preliminary Incident Report by White Pass Ski Patrol and NWAC                                                            White Pass Fatality 12-27-16




2015 / 2016   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report

Mt. Bailey, central Oregon

From Cat Ski Mt Bailey regarding the death of their lead guide: "While performing avalanche control he was caught in a slide and struck a tree, sustaining fatal injuries." CAIC Report Not available
3/8/16 Chief Joseph Peak, Wallowa Mtns, norheast Oregon 1 skier partially buried and killed by cornice fall. The cornice was unintentionaly triggered and the skier was carried 1150 feet down the Central Couloir, a NE facing chute on Chief Joseph Peak.  Wallowa Avalanche Center and USFS National Avalanche Center report  Chief Joseph Peak Fatality 3-8-16
2/6/16 East Peak, Ted's Buttress, Crystal Mt area, WA 2 skiers caught and carried in a triggered wind slab avalanche and became partially buried. One skier was able to self-extricate and help the other skier dig out. Both skiers sustained injuries, one set of injuries were serious.  Peter Dale of Crystal Mt Patrol and NWAC East Peak Incident 2-6-16
1/25/16 Lake Marion, Mission Ridge area, WA Snowmobile burial and airbag deployed for at least one rider on a short slope that slid above a terrain trap. Unclear if there were any injuries. Buried PWL (SH buried Jan 11th) was reactive in the area and public and professional observations noted widespread persistent slab avalanche activity on the interface over the preceding week.  NWAC Not available
1/24/16 Mt. Herman, Mt. Baker area, WA 2 skiers caught, 1 seriously injured and 1 killed by a wet slab (glide) avalanche  NWAC, Mt Baker Ski Patrol, Bellingham Mountain Rescue, Naval Base Whidbey Island and Whatcom County Sherif's Office Mt. Herman Fatality 1-24-16
12/31/15 Granite Mountain, Snoqualmie Pass area, WA 1 snowshoer caught by a small windslab avalanche and carried into the trees and died of trauma injuries.  NWAC and Seattle Mountain Rescue (additional details may be added later if they become available) Granite Mountain Fatality 12-31-15
12/19/15 Kendall Peak, Commonweatlh Basin, Snoqualmie Pass area, WA 1 probable avalanche fatality. The terrain in which the victim was found, his body position, information from the coroner's report, and documented human and natural avalanches in the immediate and surrounding terrain all support the likelihood of an avalanche fatality.  NWAC and a host of contributors, please see report for details Kendall Peak Fatality 12-19-15
12/17/15 Alpental Valley, Snoqualmie Pass area, WA 2 skiers caught, 1 fully buried and the other partially buried in two seperate human triggered soft slab avalanches. Both were able to self rescue and ski out. 1 skier tweaked his knee. 1 skier lost several pieces of gear. See skier narrative for more details.  NWAC Alpental Valley Incident 12-17-15
12/6/15 Corona Bowl (closed backside of ski area), Stevens Pass, WA                                                               1 skier caught and fully buried. Other skier in party was able to rescue buried skier. No injuries.  Stevens Pass Ski Patrol and NWAC             Corona Bowl Incident 12-6-15




2014 / 2015   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report
NONE                                                                 No serious avalanche accidents or fatalities reported to NWAC                                                                                                                    



2013 / 2014   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report
5/28 or 5/29/14 Liberty Ridge, Mount Rainier NP, WA 6 climbers, (4 clients, 2 guides) are estimated to have been killed when hit by an avalanche and swept from Liberty Ridge to the bottom of the Willis Wall, between late 5/28 and 5/29/14.  Dennis D'Amico (NWAC) Liberty Ridge Fatalities 5-28-14
5/14/14 Mt. Shuskan, Mt. Baker area, north Cascades WA Two skiers in party, one caught by a natural avalanche while ascending on foot and carried several thousand feet, one fatality.  Surviving climber and Dennis D'Amico (NWAC) Mt. Shuskan Fatality 5-14-14
4/28/14 Crater Lake, central Oregon Solo snowshoer presumed dead, involved in a cornice failure; body not recovered as of 5/27/14 Media reports and published on CAIC site Crater Lake, Oregon Fatality 4-28-14
4/27/14 Slot Couloir, Snoqualmie Mountain, near Snoqualmie Pass, WA Two skiers in party, one skier triggered and caught in avalanche, seriously injured Andy Hill (King County SAR) and Dennis D'Amico (NWAC) Slot Couloir, Snoqualmie Mt. 4-27-14
4/26/14 SR 410 Chinook Pass, south-central Washington Cascades One bulldozer driver caught and buried in his machine by a natural avalanche while clearing the road.  No injuries to the driver or damage to the vehicle. John Stimberis (WSDOT)  Chinook Pass Accident 4-24-14
3/30/14 Paulina Peak, south of Bend, central OR Three snowmobilers, one snowmobiler triggered and caught, one fatality Mike Maurer, (Deschutes County SAR), published on CAIC site Paulina Peak, Central OR Fatality 3-30-14
3/22/14 Granite Mountain, near Snoqualmie Pass, WA Two skiers in party, one skier triggered and caught in avalanche, one fatality  Tighe Stoyanoff (WSDOT Snoqualmie Pass), Bram Thrift and Kevin Huggett (Alpental Ski Patrol and Dennis D'Amico (NWAC) Granite Mt Fatality 3-22-14
3/22/14 NBC Couloir, Colchuck Peak, east slopes WA Cascades Solo climber, triggered and caught in avalanche, not buried but sustained serious injuries  Jonathan Pobst (injured climber) and Dennis D'Amico (NWAC) Colchuck Peak Accident 3-22-14
3/17/14 Little Zigzag Canyon, Mt. Hood OR Two skiers, one caught, full burial, no injuries, partner rescue Ron Gillilan (buried skier) and Dennis D'Amico (NWAC) Little Zigzag Canyon, Mt. Hood Accident 3-17-14
2/22/14 Chair Peak, near Snoqualmie Pass, WA Three skiers caught by a deep slab and partially buried, but able to self rescue with no injuries    
2/11/14 Osborne's Chute, Stevens Pass, WA One skier, one snowboarder triggered and caught in slide, both partially buried. Skier was able to self-rescue himself and then other rider. Both sustained injuries Dan Veenhuizen (Stevens Pass Ski Patrol) and Dennis D'Amico (NWAC) Stevens Pass Accident 2-11-14
2/11/14 2/11 Cornucopia Pk, Wallowa Mountains, OR, Eight skiers, five caught, one uninjured, two injured, two fatalities Max Forgensi, (Wallowa-Whitman National Forest), published on CAIC site Wallowa Fatalities 2-11-14

Lewis Peak, Mountain Loop Hwy, north central WA Cascades

Two climbers, one climber involved with a cornice failure resulting in one fatality Oyvind Henningsen (Everett Mountain Rescue), Dennis D'Amico (NWAC) and Dave Creeden (second climber)

Lewis Peak Fatality 1-18-14

1/4/14 Chair Peak, near Snoqualmie Pass WA  Climber triggered and caught in avalanche, partial burial but able to self-rescue Don Preiss (climber) and Garth Ferber (NWAC) Chair Peak Accident 1-4-14



2012 / 2013   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report

Illumination Rock, Mt. Hood, OR

Two skiers caught,  one partially buried, no injuries Patrick Buckley & Dennis D'Amico Illumination Rock 6-9-13
4/13/13                              Granite Mountain, near Snoqualmie Pass, WA  Three climbers caught, 1 fatality  Garth Ferber & Dennis D'Amico Granite Mountain 4-13-13
4/13/13 Red Mountain, near Snoqualmie Pass, WA Multiple snowshoers caught, 1 fatality Garth Ferber & Dennis D'Amico Red Mountain 4-13-13
4/13/13 Gemini, Stevens Pass Ski Area, WA Two snowboarders caught, one partly buried Patty Morrison & Garth Ferber Gemini 4-13-13
1/15/13 Chair Peak, Snoqualmie Pass, WA Two climbers caught, one injured Chris Simmons & Garth Ferber Chair Peak 1-15-13
12/18/12 Crystal Mt, south central WA Cascades Three skiers caught, one completely buried Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol & Garth Ferber I-5 Report 12-18-12
11/12/12 Washington Pass, northern WA Cascades One snowmobiler caught and partially buried Dennis D'Amico & others LB Slide 11-23-12


2011 / 2012   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report

Alpental, Snoqualmie Pass WA 

Two snowboarders caught, 1 fatality      Aaron Opp and Mark Moore WAC Bluff 2-19-12
2/19/12 Tunnel Creek, Stevens Pass WA Four skiers caught, three buried and killed, one survived with air bag deployed Patty Morrison and Jamie Owens and Mark Moore  Tunnel Creek 2-19-12
2/19/12 Union Creek Basin, near Crystal Mt, south-central WA Cascades Three skiers caught, two partially buried and one totally buried. Skiers were able to self extricate and self rescue,  no injuries. Zeno Martin and Pamela Baker Union Creek 2-19-12
2/19/12 Dogleg Peak, near Crystal Mt, south-central WA Cascades Solo skier caught and partially buried; able to self-extricate but suffered serious injuries Chris Morin  Dogleg 2-19-12
1/21/12 Alpental, Snoqualmie Pass WA  Three skiers caught and partially buried, all victims able to self-extricate with no injuries Patrick Brewer   A Humbling Lesson 1-21-12
1/01/12 Scout Patrol Peak, Snoqualmie Pass area, WA Two snowshoers caught, suffered minor bruises

Brian Kraai, Craig Willis and Mark Moore 

Scout Patrol Peak 1-1-12


2010 / 2011   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report

Mt Snoqualmie, Snoqualmie Pass, WA

Party of five caught with two seriously injured, one with minor injuries

Marcus Engley and Mark Moore

Mt Snoqualmie Report 4-6-11
4/03/11 Rooster Comb Ridge, Stevens Pass WA Two snowboarders caught by cornice collapse, which triggered a loose slide on the slope below. One not buried with arm injury, one partially buried and uninjured Patty Morrison and Mark Moore Rooster Comb Cornice Incident 4-3-11
3/27/11 Cowboy Mt/Tunnel Creek, Stevens Pass WA One snowboarder caught, swept into tree band and fatally injured Patty Morrison and Mark Moore Tunnel Creek 3-27-11
3/23/11 Chair Peak, Snoqualmie Pass WA One skier caught by hard wind slab, uninjured Robert Hahn Chair Peak 3-23-11
3/05/11 Hooky Bowl near Mt Cashmere, east central WA Cascades One skier in a group of five caught, carried through trees and fatally injured Chris Hunter and Mark Moore Cashmere Mt 3-5-11
3/04/11 Grouse Ridge, Mt Baker WA One snowboarder caught; victim carried into trees, buried and seriously injured but rescued 

Jeff Hambelton, Patrick Kennedy and Mark Moore

Grouse Ridge Avalanche 3-4-11
2/29/11 Private Reserve area,  Mt Hood Meadows OR One skier caught and buried with a hand and ski exposed; recovered within 5 minutes unharmed Joe Sillman and Mark Moore Mt Hood Meadows Private Reserve 2-29-11
2/01/11 Red Mt, Snoqualmie Pass WA Solo skier triggered cornice collapse and was caught, buried and killed by subsequent fall and loose avalanche Bram Thrift and BARK Red Mtn 2-1-11


Morning Star Peak, north-central WA Cascades

One hiker/climber caught, partially buried and killed; dog recovered alive

Oyvind Henningsen Morning Star Pk 12-4-10


2009 / 2010   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report
6/5/10 Ingraham Direct Route, Mt Rainier NP, WA 11 climbers caught, 10 recovered, 1 still missing - presumed dead Press Releases  
4/10/10 Granite Mt, Snoqualmie Pass WA Solo climber caught and buried, dialed 911 with cell phone and was rescued.  Only short incident form available.  Kevin Marston Granite Mt 4-10-10 short form

Kendall Pk, Snoqualmie Pass WA

Two skiers caught and partially buried, 1 slightly injured, 1 critically injured Dan Otter Kendall Peak 4-9-10
4/03/10 Mission Ridge, east central WA Cascades Two snowboarders caught, two partially buried, 1 injury Taylor Everett  Mission Ridge 4-3-10
3/13/10 Mission Ridge, east central WA Cascades Skier triggered wind slab caught 2, partially burying one; no injuries Andrew Hyer Mission Ridge 3-13-10


Threeway Peak, Crystal Mt aea, south-central WA Cascades

Solo skier caught by avalanche south of ski area boundary. Swept through trees and buried to neck. Able to call patrol via cell phone for rescue

Ben Wright, Paul Baugher, Chet Mobray and NWAC

Crystal Mountain 2-28-10


Paulina Peak, central OR Cascades

One solo snowmobiler caught, buried and killed 

Three Sisters BackCountry staff and NWAC

Paulina Peak 1-2-10


2008 / 2009   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report


Aneroid Basin, Wallowas Mtns, NE Oregon

Three skiers caught, two totally buried and one partially buried. One fatality.

Roger Averbeck

Aneroid Basin 3-7-09


Hogsback Mtn, White Pass WA

One skier caught and completely buried.  Partner rescued the buried skier.

NWAC Hogsback Ridge 2-25-09


Rockford, eastern WA

Resident caught, buried and killed by roof avalanche while shoveling walk and clearing roof

NWAC Rockford WA 12-30-08


Tatie Peak, near Harts Pass, northern WA Cascades

One snowmobiler caught, buried and killed while high-marking

Larry Goldie, Mark Moore

Harts Pass 12-28-08


2007 / 2008   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report

Kahler Glen near Lake Wenatchee  north central WA Cascades

A large natural avalanche mostly destroyed a home in the Kahler Glen development just above the Kahler Glen Golf Course

Mark Moore, Mike & Joanne Stanford and John Meriwether

Kahler Glen 2-7-08
1/04/08 Lake Twenty-two trail near Mt Pilchuck, north-central WA Cascades Eight hikers caught, partially buried one and completely buried three with one fatality Mark Moore and Oyvind Henningsen Lake 22 1-4-08


Excelsior Pass below Church Mt, northern WA Cascades

Five snowmobilers high marking triggered large slab. Five caught, one partially buried, two completely buried and killed  Mark Moore and Bellingham Mountain Rescue Excelsior Pass 1-1-08


Edith Creek, Mt Rainier National Park, WA

Two snowshoers departed on hike to Camp Muir on morning of 12/18/07. Encountering deteriorating weather conditions they turned around, with victim triggering slab near top of Edith Creek Basin. Victim caught and totally buried, found by probing on 12/21, under ~6-10 ft of snow.

Chris Morin Mt Rainier Edith Creek 12-18-07


Union Creek, Crystal Mtn south-central WA Cascades  Three snowboarders departed on weekend trip 11/30/07. Reported missing on 12/2/07. Subsequent searches on ground/air found no evidence of the group. Official search abandoned 12/8/07. Final Search and Recovery effort concluded late June '08 when the three missing snowboarders were found buried in avalanche debris in Union Creek.

Paul Baugher, Chris Morin, and Mark Moore

Union Creek 12-2-07


Crystal Mt, south central WA Cascades

Two ski patrollers caught, 1 totally buried, 1 mostly buried and able to self extricate then rescue partner

Paul Baugher

Crystal Mountain 12-2-07


Snow/Source Lake Trail, Snoqualmie Pass, WA

Three hikers caught, 1 partly buried, injured & self rescued, 2 completely buried and killed

Rob Gibson, Mark Moore

Source Lake 12-2-07



2006 / 2007   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report


Clark Canyon, Mt Hood Meadows OR

Two skiers caught, 1 partly buried & self rescued, 1 completely buried and rescued by companions

Tighe Stoyanoff, Adam Wagner and Mark Moore

Clark Canyon 2-25-07
2/24/07 Park Place, Mt Rainier WA One skier caught, buried and killed

Paul Baugher, Chet Mowbray, Ben Wright and Mark Moore

Park Place 2-24-07


2005 / 2006   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report

Mt Herman, near Mt Baker WA

One skier caught and killed in Stoneman's chute

Kenny Kramer, Mark Moore, Herb Long and Duncan Howat Mt Herman 4-18-06

Tiffany Mt,  east northern WA Cascades

Two snomobilers caught, one partly buried and injured, one buried and killed Larry Goldie and Mark Moore Tiffany Mountain 3-19-06
1/16/06 Terrible Traverse near Mt Hood OR Three skiers caught and partially buried

Jim Minick

Terrible Traverse 1-15-06
11/08/05 Mt Baker WA 

One snowboarder caught and totally buried; found alive by rescuers

Mark Moore Mt. Baker 11-8-05
11/05/05 Table Mountain near Mt Baker WA One snowboarder caught and totally buried; found alive by rescuers Mark Moore, Andy Sahlfeld and Matt Bowen Table Mountain 11-5-05


2004 / 2005   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report


Alpental, Snoqualmie Pass WA

Two skiers caught and buried/partially buried-- one killed and one self rescued Garth Ferber

Alpental 1-12-05

10/24/04 Ingraham Glacier, Mt Rainier WA Two climbers caught and buried -- one killed and one self rescued Glenn Kessler

Mt Rainier Ingraham Glacier 10-24-04


2003 / 2004   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report

Liberty Ridge, Mt Rainier WA 

Two climbers caught, buried and killed

Glenn Kessler

Mt Rainier Liberty Ridge 6-13-04


Mt Baker WA 

Snowboarder caught and killed

NWAC Mt Baker 4-26-04
3/07/04 Morse Creek, Crystal Mt, south-central WA Cascades Two skiers partially buried, both self-rescued

Corey Meador

Morse Creek Accident 3-7-04
3/5-6/04 Crystal Springs near Stampede Pass and Salmon la Sac, central WA Cascades Two separate snowmobiling accidents involving highmarking; one resulting in two injured and one resulting in a fatality NWAC Snowmobile Accidents 3-5/6-04


Lake Ann, Alpine Lakes, central WA Cascades Two snowmobilers completely buried and rescued

Stephen Carter

Lake Ann 1-31-04


Navajo Peak, Blewett Pass, east central WA Cascades One snowmobiler caught, buried and killed

Mark Moore and Taylor Everett

Blewett Pass 12-17-03
12/13/03 Snoqualmie Pass WA One snowshoer caught, buried and killed.  Victim found 12/20/03

Jon Barker and Paul Schuster

Alpental Patrol Accident


Mt Baker WA

3 completely buried, 2 recovered alive (after ~24 hour burial), 1 fatality

Garth Ferber and Mark Moore

Mt Baker 12-12-03


2002 / 2003   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report


Granite Mt, Snoqualmie Pass WA

One skier caught, partly buried, seriously injured

Garth Ferber

Granite Mountain 3-29-03


Mt Hood Meadows OR

One snowboarder caught, completely buried, and rescued alive

Asa Mueller

Mt Hood Meadows 3-7-03


Golden Gate, Paradise, Mt Rainier WA

Two snowshoers caught, partially buried and dug out

Dan Van Cise

Golden Gate Trail 1-1-03


Cement Basin, Crystal Mt, south central WA Cascades Seven caught, three partially buried, one totally buried, one fatality, one injured

Mark Moore, Paul Baugher and Dan Hudson

Cement Basin 12-29-02


2001 / 2002   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report


Granite Mt, Snoqualmie Pass WA

One skier caught and buried, rescued by partner

John Stimberis

Granite Mountain 3-10-02


Gold Creek, Snoqualmie Pass WA

One snowshoer caught, buried and rescued by own dog

John Stimberis

Gold Creek 1-27-02


Source Lake, Snoqualmie Pass WA

Two overnight campers caught while in tent, both self-rescued without major injuries

John Stimberis

Source Lake 1-24-02


Skyline Ridge, Stevens Pass WA

Five skiers and snowboarders caught; four partial burials and one complete burial; two injuries

Shane West Skyline Ridge 1-21-02
1/20/02 Tunnel Creek, Stevens Pass WA Group of snowboarders caught and carried; one injured and evacuated Evan Woods Tunnel Creek 1-24-02


Paradise, Mt Rainier WA

Two boarders, one caught and completely buried and rescued by partner

Luke Edgar

Mt Rainier Paradise 11-24-01


2000 / 2001   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report


Mt Baker WA

One snowmobiler caught, buried and killed

Brandon Weathermon

Mt Baker 4-11-01


Lake Ann, Alpine Lakes, central WA Cascades 

One snowmobiler caught, buried and killed

John Stimberis

Lake Ann 2-17-01


Crystal Mt, south central WA Cascades

One skier caught, swept through trees, partially buried with serious injuries

Chet Mowbray

Crystal Mtn Employee Housing


Crystal Mt, south central WA Cascades

One ski patroller caught, swept through trees and partially buried, minor injuries

Brent Okita

Crystal Mtn Kempers 2-3-01


Twin Lakes, Stevens Pass area WA

Two snowshoers caught, one partially buried, one buried and presumed dead

Joanne Stanford

Twin Lakes 1-29-01


Alpental, Snoqualmie Pass WA

One patroller caught, totally buried and rescued

Rob Gibson

Alpental 1-30-01


1999 / 2000   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report


Government Meadows, Central WA Cascades

Two snowmobilers caught and totally buried. One self-rescued, second rescued after 5 hours with injuries

NWAC and Doug Blanchard

Government Meadows 2-2-00


Mt Herman, northern WA Cascades

One skier caught and partially buried, recovered by party members.  Victim was airlifted for serious injuries by Army rescue helicopter

Mark Moore and Josh Evans Mt Herman 1-19-00


East Peak, Crystal Mt, south central WA Cascades

One skier caught, partially buried and injured, rescued by ski area employee

Chet Mowbray and Mark Moore

East Peak Ted Buttress 1-16-00
1/16/00 Crystal Mt, south central WA Cascades Two skiers in closed ski area, one skier caught, completely buried and died Paul Baugher and Mark Moore Crystal Mountain 1-16-00


1998 / 1999   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report

Shuksan Arm, Mt Baker WA

One snowboarder and one skier caught, buried and killed by large slab in Rumble Gully

Brandon Weathermon and Mark Moore

Shuksan Arm 2-14-99
1998-99 Accident Summary

Pacific Northwest 

Multiple Incidents Mark Moore NW Accident Summary 1998-99


1997 / 1998   Accident Summaries

Date Location Incident Description Submitted by Full Report

Lion Rock near Blewett Pass, central WA Cascades

One snowmobiler caught, buried and killed while highmarking

Mark Moore

Blewett Pass 1-18-98

Mt Hood, OR

Three climbers on the West Crater Rim Route on the south side of Mt Hood were caught, two climbers were partially buried and seriously injured, one was totally buried and subsequently found dead

Glenn Kessler and NWAC

Mt Hood 5-31-98