Recreational Observation

Timberline, standard South Climb route

Dec. 31, 2017, noon PST

Weather: Clear skies. At 08:00 at 6000ft, 28F, moderate easterlies (20kt, gusts to 30kt), transporting snow to west aspects in gullies, building shallow but reactive wind slabs. East winds decreased significantly above 7500ft, where warmer air was found above inversion. Snow transport was limited to treeline elevation. At 12:00, at 10,000ft, calm wind, 32F.

Snowpack: Rain / rime crust exposed in many places especially in the higher alpine (above 9000ft) where surface was heavily rimed in most places. Isolated areas of shallow wind transported snow. This made for generally challenging travel conditions both uphill and downhill. Some shallow wind drifted snow could be found in limited places. Photo of rime Bear Claws / Chicken Heads at summit...

Area Description: Mt Hood Timberline

Avalanches: Shallow crowns observed at 10000ft on Hawkins Cliffs.

Observation by Alex Laudon

Latitude: 45.367776

Longitude: -121.704089

Did you see any avalanches? No

Did you trigger any avalanches? No

Was anyone caught in an Avalanche? No