Recreational Observation

Up Newton Ridge into Newton Creek drainage from the tree line

Dec. 30, 2017, noon PST

Weather: 30 degrees and broken sunshine

Snowpack: Snowpack was breakable crust from 4200 ft up to 5500 ft with 2-4 inches of new snow on top of the crust. Above 5500 ft crust became pencil hard and was spots of ice with windblown snow on top. Skiing surface was very icy and not very good skiing.

Area Description: SE facing slope at 6200 ft elevation. Just above treeline into Newton Canyon.

Avalanches: none noted. South side of Mt Hood was visible with no avalanche activity in sight.

Observation by ted cramer

Latitude: 45.350768

Longitude: -121.653465

Did you see any avalanches? No

Did you trigger any avalanches? No

Was anyone caught in an Avalanche? No