Recreational Observation

Glacier Basin then heading up and left off the standard interglacier route and around the left flank of Mt Ruth

May 16, 2015, 2 p.m. PST

Weather: Mostly cloudy down low with breaking sun. Mostly sunny above 7500 feet.

Snowpack: There is a 6-8 inch unconsolidated wet corn layer at the surface of the snowpack. The snow was incredibly sticky making for a less fun ski descent.

Area Description: Area between Glacier Basin and Mt Ruth on the NE side of Mt Rainier.

Avalanches: We were easily able to trigger 4-8 inch deep wet slides on every ski cut and nearly every turn. The steeper it got the worse it got. Attached pic doesn't show the area we tested with ski cuts but shows a small slide triggered from one of our turns. There was quite a bit of that going on.

Latitude: 46.878580

Longitude: -121.709204

Did you see any avalanches? Yes

Did you trigger any avalanches? Yes

Was anyone caught in an Avalanche? No