Recreational Observation

N facing 38-40 degree short convex pitch above long 30-35 degree slope, at 5000-5200 ft

April 11, 2017, 1 p.m. PST

Weather: Sunny, mild breeze, about 38 degrees

Snowpack: On northerly aspects, boot top loose powder over firm, smooth and fast-skiing surface from rain up to that level before recent colder snow; non coalescent and well bonded in areas not affected by wind slab. Wind slab pockets were in isolated predictable locations and much more firm

Area Description: Table Mt. Mt. Baker side country

Avalanches: wind slab triggered by skier in our party who skied the feature; broke about 15 - 20 feet above the skier, who quickly exited left safely; crown was approx. 10 inches high, propagated more than 100 feet wide, ran fast to near the end of the slope, running about 400 vertical feet.

Observation by Pete Beglin

Did you see any avalanches? Yes

Did you trigger any avalanches? Yes

Was anyone caught in an Avalanche? No