Recreational Observation

Toured up from Marble Mt Snowpark, starting around noon. Crested out of the treeline and branched out east of the Worm Flows climbing route. Followed a few plateaus and ridges up to ~5000'. Generally skied the line of ascent, sticking to west aspects when possible.

March 12, 2017, 2 p.m. PST

Weather: Partly cloudy to partly sunny skies, warming throughout the afternoon up to 50 degrees F. Winds 0-10 mph from the west.

Snowpack: The snowpack was heavy and dense. Generally slushy and evolving into corn on solar affected aspects. Firmer with a supportable crust in shaded areas.

Area Description: Mt Saint Helens - Worm Flows Area (South Side)

Avalanches: We observed numerous avalanches. The largest we observed was D3, R3 on an eastern aspect of a ridge. Crown height was estimated around ~2m at the peak, tapering to ~30cm towards the flanks. Propagation was ~100m across and it appeared to run several hundred meters taking out a few small trees towards the terminus. We also observed many smaller wind slabs on eastern aspects, often undercutting cornices. Cornice failure was widespread with large blocks (microwave to fridge size) breaking off under the weight of new heavy storm snow or rain on snow at lower elevations.

Observation by Andy Traylor

Latitude: 46.182762

Longitude: -122.198868

Did you see any avalanches? Yes

Did you trigger any avalanches? No

Was anyone caught in an Avalanche? No