Recreational Observation

Draft Dodger - Big Trees, via Source Lake winter skin track

Feb. 4, 2017, 3 p.m. PST

Weather: S1 for most of the day. Winds calm. Temperature remained below freezing throughout the day.

Snowpack: +40cm on MF and IF crusts. Consolidation of new snow into a cohesive storm slab as forecasted not found throughout the day.

Area Description: Trees and open glades up to 30 degrees

Avalanches: Several rider-triggered D1 observed at Sunshine, Mushroom Couloir, and Wall Street. Mushroom debris covered the skin/exit track. All appeared to be storm slabs on open steep NE slopes from 3800' - 4400'

Observation by Chris Simmons

Latitude: 47.452535

Longitude: -121.453557

Did you see any avalanches? Yes

Did you trigger any avalanches? No

Was anyone caught in an Avalanche? No