Recreational Observation

Alpental ski area, to Source Lake via the S. Fork of the Snoqualmie route. Source Lake up Big Trees, to Great Scott bowl and Pineapple Pass. Return via Big Trees.

March 14, 2019, noon PST

Weather: Overcast skies with mainly thin clouds. Filtered sunshine was strong enough to affect the snow surface. Temperatures were cold in the morning and quickly warmed up around 11. Winds were light and variable. No precipitation.

Snowpack: Recent storm: 25-30cm on new snow. Generally light and unconsolidated (fist +). New snow over 3/11 interface, 2mm needle-like facets over firmer settled snow. Tilt tests in profiles easily highlighted this layer. Wind affect: some wind effects in exposed areas and near Pineapple Pass. Subtle wind drifting of snow into 4F- 4F+ slabs. Sun affect: 2-4cm breakable melt freeze crust on mainly SW-W facing slopes. This matches the morning clouds at Snoqualmie Wednesday which limited the sun effect on the snow surface.

Area Description: Alpental Valley: Great Scott Bowl

Avalanches: Slab avalanches: 8 natural slab avalanches, likely from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. W-N-E aspects, 4400-5400', 25-30cm deep, 40+ degree planar slopes. SS-N-D1.5-R1-I. Three skier triggered slabs from Wednesday. W-NW aspects 4600-4900' 25-30cm deep. 40 degree convex and planar slopes. SS-AS-D1-R1-I. Crown profiles and nearby snow profiles indicate these slabs failed on a layer of 2mm facets at the base the storm snow. Loose: 10 loose wet avalanches to D1.5 were seen on mainly S-W aspects. 4000-5000' >40 degree slopes. Likely from yesterday. L-N-D1-R1-N

Observation by Dallas Glass

Latitude: 47.447692

Longitude: -121.452584

Did you see any avalanches? Yes

Did you trigger any avalanches? No

Was anyone caught in an Avalanche? No