Recreational Observation

Up the cauche, no hell machine flying yet but coming soon to a slope near you. Be sure to carry the approved forest service mitigation ear plugs for those 91 decibel tree top fly bys. (Not kidding about the dB levels being harmful)

Jan. 5, 2019, 2:30 p.m. PST

Weather: Fog, light wind at and approaching top

Snowpack: Powder, able to feel rain crust but it was soft, not scrapey Skied some of the main gully debris in the run out zones and it was soft chunk with a bit of new snow over it. Very low cover out the bottom 600 vert feet with lots of barely covered old tracks.

Area Description: Hwy 20 east north cascades

Avalanches: 8" on top of thin ice crust up to 6900' That weak base layer is at the top of powder cache also.. about 6 inches to 8in of air right at the ground Main top gully slide during the last storm about 400 vert feet. slide in the skiers left 'Sacred Larch Grove' off the midsection of the fall line Ridge that separates the 'Bride' ski lines from the 'Powder Cauche'. Ran 600 or 700 vert feet and stopped near the top 1/3 of that last face at the bottom of the 'sacred larch grove' with the creek in it.D2 there were I believe two people in front of me that broke or rebroke the trail up the middle of the powder cauche. I separated off their Trail at the top of the first clearing from the bottom then broke trail climbers left on to the Ridge climb past the lunch spot cave and on up the ridge, around 2800 vert feet total. saw the other trail coming in from the Avalanche Terrain (hard to avoid it on the fall line, in the ski lines trail) over to the ridge I was on about 300 vertical feet from the top. 6800' north facing. Handle first ski pole probe. 8" new snow to thin ice crust--14" to next weak crust---then 30" to air space--then pole drops 6" to 8" to ground in those Basel facets and air layer. All measurements are approx. (It was just a ski pole test)

Observation by Chris H. Heli-free North Cascades

Did you see any avalanches? Yes

Did you trigger any avalanches? No

Was anyone caught in an Avalanche? No