Recreational Observation

Mount Herman Circumnav: Infinity Loop

Dec. 31, 2018, 3 p.m. PST

Weather: Mostly Sunny to Partly Cloudy, light winds, cool temps but felt warm in the sun, splitter

Snowpack: BTL: Chunder and crust NTL: Wind effected snow on cross loaded terrain features. This layer was observed to be on avaerge 4cms thick, no results on test slopes, but planar fractures in hand shears and kick turn cuts. NTL/ATL This transition proved more interesting. Wind slabs grew in thickness to 40cm pencil hard slabs and found in specific terrain. For example subtle terrain variations such as humps, large boulders, moraines, and pockets of trees, near cliffs or exposed rock, between catching features such as 2 rock ridges, these wind slabs were also observed in vertical orientation or in an upslope wind loading pattern the result of topographically influenced winds (drainage scale). While kick turn cuts were indicating slab cohesion, fracture, and resistant release, there were no results on small test slopes. From approximately 5,400’ and higher on W-S-E aspects easy to moderate hand shears were planar on a layer of graupel down to 40cm. Similar results were observed on NW-N-NE aspects with easy to hard hand shears on the 12/24 SH/FCs, all observations were approximately 40cms down. ATL: Most observations were loose dry in steep terrain. Cornices were present few were large while other small cornices were overhanging.

Area Description: Mount Herman Circumnav: Infinity Loop

Avalanches: Paradise Valley: D2-D3 shedding from 6,000' on the North Slopes of Mount Herman and lower @5,500' on the SE slopes of Slate. Same character as the Table Mountain events. SW-S-SE: Many of the observed avalanches were smaller D2s, but often times near consequential terrain, terrain traps, trees, and cliffs. Debris was covered with fresh snow indicating release occurring during the 12/29 rain event.

Observation by Jere Burrell

Latitude: 48.854328

Longitude: -121.691595

Did you see any avalanches? No

Did you trigger any avalanches? No

Was anyone caught in an Avalanche? No