Recreational Observation

During a Northwest Mountain School AIARE Level 2 course our group toured on North through East aspects on Mission Peak, just Northwest of the Mission Ridge ski area.

Jan. 17, 2015, 6:30 p.m. PST

Weather: Obscured or Overcast sky conditions all day with steady wetter snow (S1 to S2). Steady moderate SW winds were observed near ridge tops.

Snowpack: We observed 8cm of new snow on a P- hard crust, above rounds siting on a pair of crusts (~35cm down) with buried surface hoar sandwiched between these crusts. Below this was rounds but on the ground, of interesting note: is 20cm of 2mm facets. We dug several pits on an east facing 25 degree slope at 6,600ft where we observed 3x CTM Q1 (SC) on the 10mm buried SF that was sandwiched between two crusts down 35cm from the surface. We also preformed 2x ECTN's where it started on this layer but never propagated across our column. We also preformed a Rutschblock that scored RB6 EB on the same layer. We observed a wide range of HS from 130cm to 70cm throughout or day touring in elevations between 6800ft-6000ft.

Area Description: Mission peak on north through east aspects between 6000ft and 6800ft, just northwest of the Mission Ridge ski resort.

Avalanches: No recent avalanches were observed.

Observation by Ian Nicholson

Latitude: 47.587642

Longitude: -120.658447

Did you see any avalanches? No

Did you trigger any avalanches? No

Was anyone caught in an Avalanche? No