Recreational Observation

Lower Stemilt through to the summit of Wenatchee Mt. Via the north rim.

Jan. 25, 2016, 4 p.m. PST

Weather: Clear, temps ~27f, ight west wind.

Snowpack: After muy ski in Clara lake basin four days ago I was interested to see what conditions were like in the east facing Stemilt, on the way up ski penetration was variable 5cm to 10cm on open south slopes there was a supportable crust, but on other aspect the snow was soft and unconsolidated. A pit revealed 8-9cm of snow (3 days old) sitting on a thin crust, 40 cm and 60 cm down was the same facets I saw in the Clara Basin. ECT results were the same, failure on the 40cm facets on isolation, duplicated twice.

Area Description: Stemilt Basin

Avalanches: The most amazing observation though, was as I acquired a vantage to see the whole basin I could see that all but a small piece on the very north end had failed right at the break over, it looked like a 50 or 60cm crown, in most places the entire slope released and in some places stepped down to deeper layers. I would guess that some releases were 200m or more. The rest of the story is that the only little piece that had not run had four sets of ski tracks in it! ( from their vantage they could not see the other slopes) Where they skied is the general area I dug the pit. I think luck is a good thing! Also forgot my camera!

Observation by Jamie Tackman

Latitude: 47.274596

Longitude: -120.395402

Did you see any avalanches? Yes

Did you trigger any avalanches? No

Was anyone caught in an Avalanche? No