Recreational Observation

standard delancey approach; profiles at the mid-Delancey bench

March 6, 2018, 2:30 p.m. PST

Weather: Sunny and light and variable (mostly SW) winds. Significant solar input, high temp +2.0

Snowpack: Snow depth (HS) - 175cm. 2/23 crust is down ~25cm and the 2/13 interface and crust is down ~35cm in this elevation. Compression tests showed inconsistent but generally hard resistant planar results on both crusts. We were able to find some 1mm rounding facets above the 2/13 crust in some profiles. Very little evidence of wet loose activity. No evidence of wind transport of snow today. Snow surface was moist and developing a melt-freeze crust by early afternoon in shady spots. Earlier in the day, we saw widespread near-surface facets on the surface that were being destroyed by the strong solar input and warm air temperatures.

Area Description: Delancey Ridge - 4600' elevation on a SE aspect

Avalanches: We observed no new avalanches

Observation by NCMG AIARE Level 2 Class

Latitude: 48.608715

Longitude: -120.591856

Did you see any avalanches? No

Did you trigger any avalanches? No

Was anyone caught in an Avalanche? No