Mt Hood

Issued: 6:00 PM PST Tuesday, December 11, 2018
by Dennis D'Amico

Dangerous avalanche conditions will persist on Wednesday due to recent snow and wind.  Avoid exposure to avalanche terrain capable of producing large avalanches. Below treeline, due to early season conditions, small avalanches have a greater potential for injury due to exposed rocks and vegetation. 

Danger Scalei
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  • Extreme (5)


Prior to Tuesday's warm storm, reports of persistent weak layers in the upper snowpack were not found to be reactive by Mt. Hood Meadows patrol during control work or in snowpack tests.  Keep this recent layering in mind and look for weak snow in the upper snowpack below the most recent storm snow.  If avalanches do occur on this layer, they may act in surprising ways including remote triggers and wide propagation.

Avalanche Problems for Wednesday

Wind Slabi

  • Avalanche Problemi
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Fresh winds slabs will likely be found at all elevation bands Wednesday. Strong winds will have created deeply drifted areas, firm hollow wind slabs, and areas stripped by the wind. When you encounter firm surface snow on steep slopes, know that avalanches may break above you. 


Regional Synopsis coming soon. 

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This information is provided by the U.S.D.A. Forest Service and describes general backcountry avalanche hazard and conditions. It does not apply to ski areas and highways where avalanche mitigation is conducted. Read more here.