Mt Hood

Issued: 6:26 PM PST Thursday, February 8, 2018
by Josh Hirshberg

Generally safe avalanche conditions are expected Friday. Cooling should allow for a strong surface crust to form throughout the terrain, limiting the avalanche potential. Use extra caution traveling around or under large cornices along ridges.

Danger Scalei
  • No Rating (Info Avail)
  • Low (1)
  • Moderate (2)
  • Considerable (3)
  • High (4)
  • Extreme (5)

Forecast for Friday:

Significant cooling is expected Thursday night through Friday with little to no additional precipitation. This should allow previous moist to wet surface snow to re-freeze and form a strengthening crust.

Surface snow re-freezing should limit the avalanche danger to Low by Friday in the Mt Hood area.

Use caution travelling on steep slopes with a smooth crust, due to hazard of uncontrolled falls. 

Avalanche Summary:

Very mild temperatures Thursday and steady winds maintained firm to shallow moist surface snow.

The mix of very mild weather a week ago and periods of cool weather midweek with a return to mild weather the past few days is maintaining a very strong upper snowpack of either strong surface crusts or shallow moist surface snow.

There are no known layers of current concern in the well consolidated mid and lower snowpack. 


On Wednesday, Mt. Hood Meadows pro patrol reported that wind help keep the snow surface firm except at the lowest elevations receiving solar heating. Rain runnels were visible in the terrain up to 7300'. No avalanches have been observed over the past several days.

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