Issued: 6:04 PM PST Thursday, February 1, 2018
by Dallas Glass

Warm wet weather will develop wet avalanche conditions Friday. Avoid slopes where even small avalanche can have large consequences. In locations above treeline still receiving snow, identify and avoid locations where winds have deposited snow such as below cornices, on wind drifts, and along cross loaded slopes.

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Avalanche Problems for Friday

Wind Slabi

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Loose Weti

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Forecast for Friday:

Warming air temperatures and rain will create wet avalanche conditions Friday near and below treeline. Expect Loose Wet avalanches to occur on steeper slopes. Watch for roller balls and pinwheels as these are signs that Loose Wet avalanches are becoming more likely to trigger. Avoid slopes were even small avalanches might carry you into locations where you can be hurt such as over cliffs, into creeks, or into gullies.

Above treeline, Wind Slabs formed over the past three days will continue to grow and be likely to be triggered by a backcountry traveler. Identify and avoid areas where wind loaded snow has occurred. Wind slabs can be difficult to assess. Use wide margins of safety to avoid wind slabs when traveling above treeline.

Avalanche Summary:

As of Thursday afternoon 12-18 inches of new snow is well bonded to the 1/29 crust layer. Below this most recent crust the snowpack has become quite strong. At this point, there are no known layers of concern below the 1/29 crust.

Winds redistributed snow on exposed features near and above treeline. Wind slabs have been observed on most aspects.


NPS Rangers Thursday reported new snow was well bonded to the 1/29 crust. Wind loaded snow was seen on most aspects. During the day they observed east winds loading west facing slopes. This is an atypical loading pattern for the Hurricane Ridge area.

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